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We will periodically run coupon specials offering even deeper discounts. If we happen to be running a coupon special now, you will see it displayed below. If we are not offering one right now and you purchase today, we will honor any coupon specials we offer up to 30 days after your purchase date and refund you the difference.


Offer ends
02/17/2019 23:59:59
This coupon takes an additional 10% off your total
after all other course discounts have been applied.

ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS - All Discounts Are Subject To Change
Good news! You have visited us during a course promotions period. For a limited time, until 100 new students have signed up, all courses have been marked down 25% from $60 to $45. We also have further multi-course (MC) discounts to save an extra 10% on 2-3 courses, 20% on 4-5 courses, 30% on 6-7 courses, or 40% on 8+ courses. That is a total of up to 55% off collectively. Review the table below to see your total savings before coupons have been applied.

Purchase Retail Price ReducedMC DiscountFinal CostTotal Savings
1Course $60.00$45.00$0.00$45.0025% Off
2Courses$120.00$90.00$9.00$81.0033% Off
3Courses$180.00$135.00$13.50$121.5033% Off
4Courses$240.00$180.00$36.00$144.0040% Off
5Courses$300.00$225.00$45.00$180.0040% Off
6Courses$360.00$270.00$81.00$189.0048% Off
7Courses$420.00$315.00$94.50$220.5048% Off
8Courses$480.00$360.00$144.00$216.0055% Off
9Courses$540.00$405.00$162.00$243.0055% Off
10Courses$600.00$450.00$180.00$270.0055% Off

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